Titleist DT Trusoft

Manufacturer:Acushnet Company
Spin Rate Driver:Low
Spin Rate Iron:Medium
Ball Type (# of Pieces):2
Cover Composition:Surlyn

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Additional Product Information:

Two (2) piece golf ball with Surlyn cover. This ball has the lowest compression of all the Titleist models. It has a better spin rating with irons than the Velocity.

Pro Players

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Interesting Facts:

You can tell different models/versions of a Titleist ball by its “Sidestamp”. Sidestamps on a ball
(i.e., “<—PRO V1—>”) are changed every time a change is made to the ball. The differences in the sidestamps with each new ball model can be subtle. In addition, the packaging usually changes for each new ball model/version. Titleist golf balls tend to have a production life of approximately 2 years before they change the model. In all years (2003 and later), the Pro V1x has the same markings as the Pro V1 except the “X” has a different number of dimples and, obviously, it says Pro V1x.