Mizuno RB Tour

Manufacturer:Mizuno Corporation
Spin Rate Driver:Medium
Spin Rate Iron:High
Ball Type (# of Pieces):4
Cover Composition:Urethane

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Additional Product Information:

2019 Golf Digest “Gold” Hot List. A 4-layer, Urethane cover golf ball. The only difference between the Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X is in the compression; the RB Tour has a slightly lower compression than the RB Tour X so it’s going to feel somewhat softer. Similar to the RB Tour X, the RB Tour has a high spin rate with short irons due to its soft cover and the composition of the different layers.

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Interesting Facts:

In 1906, a devoted fan of baseball, Rihachi Mizuno, started a sporting goods store that would grow into the international corporation it is today. Mr. Mizuno, a kimono shop worker, saw his first baseball game in Kyoto when he was 18 years old. He loved the game, which dated back to 1867 in Japan, and soon opened his own baseball equipment store, offering custom uniforms as well as sports clothing. Eventually, Mizuno expanded into manufacturing sports equipment. His baseballs became the standard of excellence for the product in Japan; Mr. Mizuno rejected any baseballs that did not bounce to his eye level–4 feet and 5 inches–when dropped 16.5 feet.

Beginning in October 1996, Mizuno became involved with the Golf Network. The network’s digital satellite broadcasts provided a base for the company’s public activities. Mizuno averaged 15 to 20 commercials each day on the Golf Network.