Mizuno RB Tour X

Manufacturer:Mizuno Corporation
Spin Rate Driver:Medium
Spin Rate Iron:High
Ball Type (# of Pieces):4
Cover Composition:Urethane

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Additional Product Information:

2019 Golf Digest “Gold” Hot List. A 4-layer, Urethane cover golf ball. The only difference between the Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X is in the compression; the RB Tour X has a slightly higher compression than the RB Tour and thus will feel a little firmer. The soft cover and composition of the RB Tour X gives it a high spin rate with short irons.

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Interesting Facts:

Mizuno has been a sporting goods company for nearly 113 years, with a core foundation in precise engineering processes in everything from its forged irons to its rain gear. It seems a philosophy that would naturally lend itself to the golf ball, yet it’s the one product in the game the company has kept out of its global portfolio. Until 2019.

When Mizuno decided to bring golf balls to the U.S. and the rest of the world, those new products would offer a technology focused on the most intricate of performance characteristics. The new RB Tour and RB Tour X both feature four-piece, urethane cover design technology, but it’s the dimple pattern that offers something different. It’s the result of 12 years of wind-tunnel testing. Mizuno has its own wind tunnel at the Mizuno Technics laboratory and a particular skill set in aerodynamics.

The company’s research in golf ball aerodynamics led to a research paper presented at the 2014 Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association. That paper showed the benefits of “arranging tiny dimples in the crevices between large dimples,” and while the RB Tour and RB Tour X balls don’t go to quite those extremes, the distinctive dimple pattern reflects some of that published research.