Bridgestone Tour B RX

Spin Rate Driver:Low
Spin Rate Iron:Medium
Ball Type (# of Pieces):3
Cover Composition:Urethane

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Additional Product Information:

This ball made the 2019 Golf Digest “Gold” Hot List. The compression is a little lower than the Tour B XS, and is good for players with slower swings.

Pro Players

Cheyenne Woods (Tiger’s niece)

Interesting Facts:

• Bridgestone has nearly $32.5 Billion in sales worldwide!
• That’s twice as big as Adidas, and $2 Billion more in sales than Nike
• Founded in 1931, made first golf balls in 1935, first clubs in 1972
• World’s #1 tire manufacturer, surpassing Michelin in 2014
• World’s #1 maker of all things rubber, and not by a little