Bridgestone e12 Speed

Spin Rate Driver:Low
Spin Rate Iron:Low
Ball Type (# of Pieces):3
Cover Composition:Surlyn

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Additional Product Information:

The e12 Speed golf ball has a higher compression than the e12 Soft, and thus is a firmer golf ball suitable for faster swing speeds. The e12 name comes from Bridgestone Golf’s 12 years of ball fitting and the data they’ve collected that led them to make this ball. They found that the e6 did a great job providing soft feel and managing driver spin but to a certain degree they were sacrificing ball speed by over managing spin by making the ball too soft. They wanted to keep a soft core, but identified they’d have to get velocity from a different part of the golf ball. That would be the extra layer in e12, which Bridgestone calls the Active Acceleration Mantle.

Pro Players

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Interesting Facts:

The first player to win a major with a Bridgestone ball was Nick Faldo at the 1992 British Open with the world’s first four-piece golf ball, the Precept Tour Double Cover. Just two years later in 1994, Nick Price won the British Open and the U.S. Open with the Precept EV Extra Spin. Faldo went on to win the 1996 Masters with the same ball that won him the British Open!