Bridgestone e12 Soft

Spin Rate Driver:Low
Spin Rate Iron:Low
Ball Type (# of Pieces):3
Cover Composition:Surlyn

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Additional Product Information:

2019 Golf Digest “Gold” Hot List. The e12 Soft golf ball has a lower compression than the e12 Speed, and is more ideal for slower swing speeds. The e12 name comes from Bridgestone Golf’s 12 years of ball fitting and the data they’ve collected that led them to make this ball. They found that the e6 did a great job providing soft feel and managing driver spin but to a certain degree they were sacrificing ball speed by over managing spin by making the ball too soft. They wanted to keep a soft core, but identified they’d have to get velocity from a different part of the golf ball, which meant adding an extra layer in e12: the Active Acceleration Mantle.

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Interesting Facts:

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. Mr. Ishibashi had a passion for golf and converted this passion in 1935 when Bridgetone first started making golf balls. Technical developments in tire technology led to breakthroughs in golf ball technology, which allowed Bridgestone to be the number one golf ball producer in Japan. Design and production of golf clubs followed in 1972.