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We have created this site in order to help golfers of all levels find the right golf ball. Golf balls have become so technologically advanced and complicated today that it takes an engineer to understand which ball to use. Today's golf balls are 2, 3, 4 and even 5 layers featuring various materials, multi core compressions, diameters, thicknesses, different patterns and shapes of dimples, number of dimples, dimples in dimples, etc.... Tennis balls aren't complicated—they are "one size fits all". Why can't golf balls be the same? Well, for various reasons, they aren't "one size fits all". Different materials and combinations of materials and components all serve to make golf balls different for various types of players and purposes. Golf balls are an integral part of golf. You don't use your driver or putter on every single shot but you do use a golf ball on every single shot. So, it is important to find a golf ball that fits your game. This website tries to simplify the process by consolidating all the latest golf balls, with descriptions, into one location. We also can help you narrow down the myriad of golf balls into a small group that give you the best "feel" based on your swing by having you answer a few questions. This website is in no way meant to be an absolute, technical method of finding the right golf ball for you but rather uses a basic concept to identify those golf balls that you might feel most comfortable with. We have included blogs to share your experiences with different golf balls with other golfers all for the sake of helping people find the right golf ball for their game. Welcome, and enjoy!

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